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Looks to Impress the Intellectual Crowd

“Make your online dating profile impressive”

While sex dating site ratings put at the top of the list every time, just knowing where to go is not going to guarantee you a good catch, or even any at all. However, it is a start, so choose a top online dating site mentioned here: and find beautiful UK women online. Now, once you have finalized the site, you have to know not only what you are looking for, but what she is going to find appealing in a man as well. Once you know that, crafting your profile to meet the standards of the woman you are interested in is only half of the battle. The other part is putting up a picture that will impress her. You can never take back a first impression, good or bad. Everyone learns this at some point when dating in person, but many men seem to think they can bypass a decent photoonline for one reason or another. Whether it depends on relying on numbers to get you someone, or just thinking everyone looking to get laid must be desperate enough not to care, the only thing you can really be certain of is the high probability you have been wrong.

Looking Your Sunday Best

“Wear a well-tailored suit to catch her attention”

So what are some options to finding someone who runs in intellectual circles? Well, looking the part certainly helps. We aren’t going to say that’s all you need to do, of course, just that it gets you off on the right foot. That in and of itself is sometimes more important than what follows. When it comes to appealing to the intellectual crowd, you really can’t go wrong with a good suit. This might come as a surprise to someone who is focusing most of their attention on sex dating site ratings, but make no mistake: a well-tailored suit on a man has just the same effect on women as good lingeriedoes for us on women. Leaving a little something to the imagination often comes off more appealing than showing her everything up front anyway. It is only all the more so for women who spend that much time inside their own heads.

Remember that when you are trying to appeal to someone, the best thing to do is allow them to draw their own conclusions once they have a decent impression of you. This is because once you meet their standards in one way, so long as you do not prove them wrong, they will transfer this idea over to other parts of you as well. In other words, if she likes the way you dress, you already have her thinking she is going to like you. So long as you do not shatter the fantasy, she will build it herself with all the things she wants you to be. The key, as you may have noticed, is not destroying the fantasy. For the sake of online hook ups, this tends to boil down to keeping your chat messagesclean and grammatically correct. While something of a chore, doing these small tweaks to how you might otherwise normally reply to someone on will make her all the more likely to prefer you over the other men vying for her attention. A little extra help is never a bad thing, right?

The Casual Intellectual

“Keep yourself well-groomed”

Another look to go for, in the case where you do not have a suit, do not appreciate the look, or can’t find someone to properly fit one, is to go for the more casual solution. The casual intellectual usually has the feel of the long standing professor, or someone you would find in a coffee shop,idly marking up old literature. In other words, we’re going for the gentleman stereotype of someone you would likely assume to be a literature instructor than anything else. This sort of old time look takes some confidence and maturity to pull off, so if you are looking for the younger equivalent, that’s in the next section. The primary difference between the casual intellectual and a more nerd chic kind of appeal is the pieces of clothing you choose. Going this route tends to involve a lot of browns, dark blues and only a bit of black. Think worn, hardcover book.

Keep yourself well-trimmed. A good haircutand a well maintained beard go a long way with this look. If this sounds like you, you may want to try this over your Sunday best. Leave the coat off for a good picture, and roll of your sleeves to give more of the impression that you just sat down or finished working on something other than finding a sex dating site rating for your favorite online haunts. Let her have her fantasy and she will come to you.

Using Nerd Chic to Your Advantage

“A nerdy look with glasses will impress her”

As we mentioned before, if you still want something casual but don’t want to end up coming off as a stuffy old professor, your next best option is nerd chic. Appeal to the expense coffee and stuck up authority of the technically inclined. If you already have glasses, even better. Get some dark frames and really play up the fact that you have them. For most guys, heavy frames help highlight things like a strong jaw and other masculine traits in the more toned down look that will appeal to her. This also tends to emphasize your eyes more, which many women find more interesting than most of what they can normally see in a profile shot. Now, which direction to go from here is ultimately up to you?

One way, you have the standard hipster garb and the other you have a more refined, uptown nerd. If you go for some stubble or a seemingly accidental grow in, opt for the more hipster look. Throw in a little plaid and wear tighter pants for a decent representation of the overall look. While both of these options will attract a more cerebral woman, this one also tends to appeal to those whose intellect makes them rebellious. You can expect to have some fun with the women who respond well to this. On the other hand, the nerd chic look is a lot more about clean lines and simple colors. Stick to black and white outfits with dress shirts paired to jeans for the dressed down look, but make sure to shave to keep the overall look just right.

Throwing in a Little High Fashion

Your last option, when it comes to appealing to the highbrowwoman is throwing in something a little more high fashion. While this might appeal to a lot of people, the fact of the matter is if you are not into this already, you are going to need some help pulling this off. Don’t get too embarrassed to ask for a second opinion on whatever you find, because you are going to have to spend some time digging through fashion blogs and finding what is relevant now to know what to add in order to stand out to a woman who would appreciate this. More than likely, you will end up starting in one of the other categories and then adding something more fashion oriented to pull in a woman like this. If you do manage to pull it off, however, you can expect to score someone just as likely to pay attention to her own looks as well.

Picking the Right Hair Color for your Skin Tone

“The right hair color can make a big difference in your appearance”

Everyone wants that perfect hair color. The color that makes your eyes sparkle and your skin glow. No amount of trend chasing, or inspirational whims can achieve this look. The only way to get it right is by study of chemistry, science and color theory. The sad fact is, we can’t choose our hair color by what appeals to us, what the model on the hair color box looks like or what awesome hairstyle your coworker showed up sporting in the office on Monday morning. The successful choice will be based on skin toneand the colors that flatter it. The wrong hair color can leave the wearer looking and feeling tired, old and flat.

Getting the Right Hair Color in Echo Park

This should come as no big surprise but hair color in Echo Park is at the top of its game. Most salons here take great care to have top of the line equipment and cutting edge information. The Rock Paper Salon gives hair color in Echo Park a new name. (Learn How To Boost Your Hair Color) “The biggest indicator of which hair color to choose is the shade of the original color.” says Kim Cohen, of Rock Paper Salon, experts in Hair Color in Echo Park. “Choose a color that is in the shade range of the natural color to bring out the natural glow of your skin and eyes.” Skin and eye and hair tone all have similar qualities in one human being Loosing those natural similarities takes away much of the “natural beauty” or glow that makes up that individuals look. Getting a great Hair Color in Echo Park is dependent on careful consideration of those factors.

“Golden blonde hair looks best with a red outfit”

The first step in getting it right is to discover what your skin tone is. This may come naturally to some people but often, it’s harder than it sounds. An easy way to find out is to stand in a white shirt, in front of a mirror with ample lighting, either bright incandescent lighting or natural light works best. Your skin tone will be the slight tinge of color seeming to underlie your skin. It could be pink-blue, red or yellow.
Another great tip is to study the colors in your favorite outfit. The outfit that makes your eyes pop. The one that you get compliments in every timeyou wear it. There’s a reason it looks so great on you and that’s because of the colors.

If you’re favorite outfit is red, orange, golden yellow, green, your best hair color choices are golden and strawberry blonde, golden brown, and auburn.

Look best in bluish red, fuchsia, black, royal blue clothing? You’re most successful hair color shades would be platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black.

If you’re best dressed outfits are always red, purple, charcoal grey, and teal, you’re going look great with sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany hair colors.

“Women with pink undertones usually have very dark hair”

Yellow and red undertones indicate a warm skin tone while the pink-blue colors indicate a cool skin tone. Girls with fair skin and freckles, ethnic and olive colored skin are considered to have yellow undertones. Their natural hair color is brown, dark blonde, and reddish brown. A change in hair color for these gals would be most successful in the range of mahogany, chestnuts and golden brown colors. Going golden blonde for these girls would enhance the yellow in their skin and give them a sick and pallid appearance. Adding red neutralizes the yellow tones. Girls with red undertones should go for golden and honey colors. They should not go extreme with either of the colors, it should be not to light and not to dark. Well placed highlights at the crown have the same effect as an allover dye job for the women with red skin undertones. Women with pink-blue undertones usually have very light or very dark hair; white blonde, jet black, golden blonde and darkest brown. Their skin tones are light with hardly any cheek color or a dark, rich brown. Cherry, burgundy and garnet hair colors work wonderfully to give cool undertoned skin a smooth and even look. Women with pale skinand light eyes should not choose a hair color that is very light or very dark. It looks unnatural and will not accentuate any of your natural features.

The Truth Behind Xbox One

Xbox one is a new innovation game console of Microsoft. Basically, it was announced just this May 21, 2013 with a for release status on November 2013. Xbox one is a tailored console where you can have access to your television or listening to your favorite music while playing games by just the sound of your voice. All in all it is one high-tech, state-of-the-art tool for all your entertainment needs. It is such a powerful tool that it wasn’t an exemption to many criticisms and rumors against the console. It has mixed acceptance, some have great praises while others have raised eyebrows with a questioning look.

Issues Confirmed

Xbox One is not compatible with Xbox 360 so those who are hoping to purchase this console and still would like to connect their old Xbox, this would be improbable. It is also confirmed that Xbox will have improved controller and newly redesigned D-pad. A big news for all fighting gamers. Xbox One will also be a console where you can have your entertainment access such as internet, television, and of course your all-time favorite games. These are all some of the rumors confirmed true by the Microsoft team.

Xbox One Confirmed To Be Weaker Than PS4, Are You Still Going To Buy It?

Xbox One Confirmed To Be Weaker Than PS4, Are You Still Going To Buy It?

Issues Unresolved

Xbox One will not be allowed offline and for some reason you need to be connected at least within 24 hours of using. This would scare some old users of Xbox since not all people have internet connection and would like to play offline either on different places while on their travel. Also, it requires gamers to pay a fee to reactivate some used games. If this one is true, then most gamers who have purchased Xbox 360 would be devastated. The price to purchase an Xbox is pretty high for a game console and paying additional cash for old games will be a bit too much.

Could It Or Could It Not Succeed?

If the next Xbox requires that much special treatment no one could predict that it would succeed. Video games are already pricey but to pay more in every little thing just to play a mere game would discourage every purchaser of Microsoft. The significance of the price range would have consumers thinking to opt for a less expensive one conforming that there are more options in the market today. Otherwise, Microsoft had undoubtedly given a significant value to the improvement of Xbox that can contribute to its sales.

Xbox One: Welcome To An All Inclusive World of Entertainment

Xbox One: Welcome To An All Inclusive World of Entertainment

These rumors that have been popping out could really hurt the success of Xbox One. And most rumors are half true. Microsoft should be aware of what and where its consumers are boiling down. But until these are confirmed, these would remain as a rumor. Still people’s reactions to these rumors are unsettling. Most of them are negative feedbacks and others are whims of a professional gamer. Unless Microsoft launched its newest innovation, these people would certainly bang the company’s door until they figure out the truth.

Discover The Top Universal Pickup Lines That Work Every Time, All The Time!

There are many people who are using pickup lines mainly for the purpose of catching the attention of a person and some are using pickup lines as their way to open a conversation. Pickup lines have always been used by both women and women throughout the world. Some of these pickup lines are good and some are really funny. The best pickup lines that are commonly used by most people and that work every time is really worth reviewing, whether you want to get the attention of a person or if you are just trying to start a conversation.

How does it feel like being the most beautiful and charming lady in this room?

This is probably one of the most commonly used pickup lines today, but this has proven to be one of the best and romantic pickup lines that work every time. This can be an effective conversation opener especially if you want or interested with a woman. It is true that opening a conversation with someone is really hard. This can be an effective pick up line that will help you caught the attention of a woman you like. Since some women love to be flattered, this can be an effective line to make her notice you. Choose the right timing to say this, and surely, this will really get an attention from her.

Pickup Lines for Valentine’s Day

Pickup Lines for Valentine’s Day

I didn’t really know that beautiful angels can live here on earth

This pickup line has always been used by most people because it offers an effective way to start a conversation with someone you just met. Being an effective conversation opener, this can energize your interaction with the woman you like. Moreover, this will not only allow you to start enjoying your moment together, but it will also provide you the chance to know person deeper. Using this pickup line, the woman will surely notice your charm.

I can’t remember your name, can I just call you “Mine”?

This pickup line is mostly used by many people nowadays, and it actually belongs to the top pickup lines that work every time because it conveys the message that you are interested with the person. This pickup line will also make sure that you are not steeping on the wrong foot.

Awsome Pick Up Lines |

Awsome Pick Up Lines 

All relationships begin with a first step. These pickup lines will help you start a conversation with a person you are interested with. These opening lines that work every time will help you energize your conversation with someone. You just have to know the right one that will work for her. However, don’t use this when the girl you want is not in the right mood, or else be ready to face her snob face on you. 

Top 5 Fitness Gear Pieces You Need To Buy

Going into a fitness exercise habit may be done without any gear but it will be limiting yourself. The following fitness gear pieces are basic. They are enough to get you to a physical fitness high. Getting more equipped can push you more to your limits but you only have to do so when you are intending to accomplish more than what is necessary.

Running shoes to safeguard your feet

Running, skipping, jogging, walking, hopping, and step-upping and all exercise routines that involve the feet, whether low-impact or high-impact should be done with proper shoes. If you intend to run, running shoes are important and have to be fit to the type of arch of your feet. You can use running shoes for all types of exercises that involve the feet but you cannot use other shoes for running so if you have just one pair of workout shoes, make them fit for running and fit for your feet to get the maximum safety and comfort.

Globe grips to reduce shoulder-to-hand injuries

Globe grips are like the size of a baseball with a hole that handle bars of dumbbells, bars and cable handles can fit through. It is meant to reduce the strain of the wrists and avoid discomfort in the shoulder area. The grip is strengthened which can be useful for pitching or bowling and some weighted exercises. You can train more for lesser strain.

Sizing and Sitting

Sizing and Sitting

Weighing scale to see your progress

The right weight is always important to anyone who is concerned with overall health. Losing weight or gaining weight can only be tracked with a weighing scale. It also encourages you as you see your improvement and keeps you from merely guessing like someone without a real plan.

Pedometer to measure your running/jogging/walking distance

Walking is the easiest way to exercise since we walk every day but walking for certain distances should be measured to leave the guessing game. So don’t just walk, jog, or run. Make sure you can write down how far you have gone.

Dumbbells for strength training

Strength training is important. It actually burns more fat than aerobic exercises. You burn fat even hours after the workout. Having a pair of dumbbells with at least 2 pairs of plate weights (ie., 2.5 lbs and 5lbs, 2 plates for each handle bar) you can go a long way with your arms, chest, back and leg muscles.

Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and Stretching


You do not have to buy all the available kind of gear for sale to start your exercise regimen but the basic ones are listed above. They will help you train and the maximum will be more than enough for most people, within the comfort of your own home. If you are meaning to be a power lifter, you will then need a gym.

Manage Your Household Budget With These 5 Budgeting Tools

Managing finances in the household can be a headache for someone who isn’t an expert. Budgeting is very important if you want to make the most out of your money. To help manage household finances, you can make use of different budgeting tools. These tools will help you track your budget and avoid excessive spending. Here are 5 of the best budgeting tools you can use.

1. Link your accounts with is a very popular site for budgeting, but not everyone knows that this site exists. The site enables you to link all of your accounts which include checking, savings accounts, credit cards, loans and insurance. The site also allows you to create a monthly budget. It helps you establish goals and reminds you of the bills that you need to pay. It also gives you money-saving tips.

2. Track your finances with

There are a lot of people that love to track their expenses and their reward points. could do that for you. It allows you to track your purchases and updates you on new deal vouchers such as those from Groupon. You also get to know about subscriptions that include reward points. Like, it allows you to link all your accounts so you will get reminders about your financial priorities.

Top Tips for Managing a Family Budget

Top Tips for Managing a Family Budget

3. Simple budget tracking with

For people who do not want to complicate things and just need simple budget tracking, is the best tool to use. You just simply need to link your accounts to their site. The site allows you to enter accounts, balances, and other financial transactions. It indeed offers a very simple approach when budgeting your household expenses. They also have other features that include payment reminders and budget lists.

4., your simple budget tool

Another free budgeting tool that works its magic through sheer simplicity is This is a site that is still under development but is already showing some promise in delivering quality budgeting. It is very simple, easy to comprehend and it is free. You just set-up your budget, enter your transaction and view the results.

Don't go Broke! Use Budget Tools

Don’t go Broke! Use Budget Tools

5. Track all your bills with

Tracking expenses now is not too difficult by using The site allows you to track all the expenses you have incurred. It also tracks the money you owe to other people and vice versa. You can also add contact information for each user so that it will be easy for you to track debts. Furthermore, it manages shared bills with other people.

Managing your household budget should be done well in order to maximize the income earned by the family. Knowing your expenses and making savings are critical for the future. Begin organizing your finances and track them heartily today with these 5 budgeting tools.

How To Use Website Analytics To Grow Your Small Business

Website analytics may be a bit daunting for most people who only mean to sell something over the internet, get paid and fulfill the orders. For others, they may not be selling something outright but they are serving ads on their blogs or offering products where they get commission for every lead or sale. If you have not tried (or did not even know about) Google Analytics, and your intent in setting up a blog or a website is to sell products, ads, or ideas, you need to learn how to use Google Analytics to your advantage. Without it, you will be left guessing. With the information you can draw from the figures, you can make intelligent decisions to improve your online visibility.

Where is everybody coming from geographically?

So what if you knew where everyone is coming from geographically? The world may be connected as a whole but we are still divided in culture, language and stamp costs. If you are selling something that has to be delivered the traditional way (post office or courier), you need to offer information about stamp rates dependent on the geographic location. If you find that many are non-English speaking people, you might want to adjust your website to accommodate certain languages.

How to Use Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics

How many are visiting while mobile?

Since more and more people are getting used to the concept of mobile computing, it is not farfetched that some of them visit your site through their mobile gadgets. How many of them are doing so? What is the percentage against those who still use the traditional desktop or laptop? Why should you concern yourself with the information? Primarily so that you can decide whether it is time to set your website to be easily accessible through those mobile gadgets so that they can stay longer and ultimately make business with you. How can they if they are stuck waiting for a page to load?

Where are they going before they sign up or buy?

Sometimes the seller uses the contact form for initial contact or the subscription form. The Analytics can show you how many of your visitors tried to contact but failed or did not finish. Why? What are they interested in? Where they came from can shed some clue. Are your forms working properly?

What are the visitors reading more of?

If you have a blog, chances are, they have read what you have written. What exactly are interesting to them? The Analytics can tell you which among your posts they are really interested in. If you combine that with the bounce rate information, a low rate can give you a clue what they are interested about.

Increase Traffic to Your Website : 11 New and Old Effective Tips

Increase Traffic to Your Website : 11 New and Old Effective Tips

Where is everybody coming from digitally?

Before reaching your site, Analytics can tell where the visitor came from. Was it from search engines? Social media? How about a direct reference (url typed instead of a search result)? You can have an idea what efforts are working the best (guest posting, Adwords).


Many have successfully grown their online businesses but rarely did any of them go on without the figures of website analytics.